If I were a cynic and given the proximity of the election, I might presume that this was a craven attempt to distract from the rank hypocrisy of the ruling classes at that time. Luckily, however, we can expect so much more from our dear leaders….

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Hmm…..! Are we truly to contemplate the unmeritorious exoneration of for example Boris and Carrie J and Sunak who as part of the Number Ten bubble knowingly flouted the rough and ready measures that government had effected? On the basis presumably that they were special, exceptional and therefore outwith the consequences visited upon all the rest of us? For those who had inadvertently fallen foul of them certainly they should be free of those blemishes and what of so many of us who to our considerable personal detriment and often in distressing family circumstances observed both their letter and their spirit. What a fresh slap in the face that would represent, especially given all the protracted wriggling and dismissive reactions when their rampant irresponsibility had come to light!

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Poorly drafted is an understatement. Criminal is more fitting.

While exemptions were included in legislation, the NI Executive and Department of Health buried them online. There was never any public information campaigns to protect or raise awareness of disabled mask exempt.

Despite protective law (s.75 NIA 1998 and DDA 1995), Northern Ireland forced disabled mask exempt, who were exempt by way of disability, to prove exemption by way of that disability, just to buy bread.

Despite public outrage, the Law was *only overturned by legal challenge from solicitor, Michael Brentnall.

Equality Commission stood impotent alongside Human Rights Commission, while MLA's like 'Justice' Minister, Naomi Long, screeched for businesses to refuse us entry.


The lack of reference to exemptions in her statements, and in the piece overall, is representative of attitudes towards disability and face mask exemptions.

I am fighting as a litigant in person to get accountability for how I was treated during that time, and am now a law student because of it. It has been buried by all involved, including the judiciary. This is not acceptable.

Absolutely no amnesty for NI Executive, and those responsible for / complicit in brutal disability discrimination and human rights breaches.


See Covid Inquiry closing statements, 35 minutes onwards for summaries of s.75 failures:


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