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Good on Lady Justice Carr; this is decidedly a time for plain speaking on a number of fronts and from a position of assiduous preparation for the Committee fixture together with telling it as it is. Would that government Secretaries of State , Ministers and their spokespersons would emulate her but I shall scarcely be holding my breath for that!

My major concern over the planned “with one fell swoop” legislation to exonerate all wronged post persons first of all is that there was available the altogether feasible judicial fast tracking described by her, so avoiding the executive ‘s tanks occupying the judiciary’s lawn.

Also, who is to say in terms of IT system malfunctions there might not be “another bus along in a minute”? During my several years with others representing the profession via the Law Society I had a number of times to confront and battle against unwise and one sided contracting out of core MOJ services to large and even mega- corporations who through wily negotiations on their part had secured terms giving them the whip hand whenever glaring elementary blunders and shortcomings INVARIABLY reared their ugly heads.

Many an injustice and quite likely miscarriages of justice may yet emerge and there are some equally dubious contracting out exercises still in place. Accordingly watch this space.

And with them if - perish the thought- they should arise (I very much brace myself for them) then in each case I can already imagine the executive - once again- striving to seize the reins from the courts on similar pretexts to the present one.

What price then the inviolability of judicial independence and fearless rulings?

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