An interesting proposal from Arthur Michael Robinson.

In any event, at last, at last serious signs of movement from the Justice Secretary, even though much more is called for. A stain indeed has it been as Lord Brown and others had been saying for an embarrassingly long time.

Let us, please, NOT this boat.

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It is way beyond time that this sentence was finally terminated.

A sensible alternative to resentencing by a Judge alone is to add a Parole Board panel member to the Bench and to only resentence those who are in custody and automatically terminate the sentence of those who are and have been in the community for 5 years.

I’m not sure about the need for Independent advocates given there are experienced prison law Solicitors and Counsel acting for such prisoners on a daily basis who regularly engage independent experts to give evidence to the Parole Board. A simplification of the legal aid process to eliminate Means testing would assist.

I would suggest that the resentencing process would not be as expensive as imagined as the information required will have already been collated.

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