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Daughter Naomi Fowler, the voice of the TAX JUSTICE NETWORK, has with her colleagues been beavering away at the mischiefs Joshua identifies for YEARS and the proposed “failure to prevent “ legislation is in part down to TJN’s attritional efforts- which are about to cease no time soon if ever.

This government is- characteristically- going about it in a madcap and non consultative manner but then I am cheered to learn that Lord Garnier,KC, is on to this. Also I in no way doubt the bona fides of Tom Tugenhadt.

I got to know the warm and approachable Edward Garnier -then QC, of course- when I found in him an ally in opposing then New Labour’s determined though unsuccessful efforts to remove jury trial for “either way” allegations and I later persuaded him to participate in an international panel I chaired for the Law Society at its Disneyworld Festival to discuss Public Defender Services. Thereby hangs another tale.

As to YET longer prison sentences for a category of aggravated murder, I am moved to ask YET AGAIN WHY? To what purpose, as Joshua mentions especially in respect of those offences with a domestic element?

Surely NO ONE any longer SERIOUSLY contends that the move to ever longer stretches DETERS? Or, with such hefty chunks of any life’s ration of liberty forfeit, rehabilitates? The prospect of efficient, timely and as far as possible water tight arrest and conviction - I have long maintained- is the sole, true deterrent.

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