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Three thoughts on this latest -as ever- informative and thoughtful piece from Joshua:

1. If as an indirect consequence of Daniel Khalife’s escape and recapture the parlous-nay, scandalous -state of our prison estate, our unpardonable over- reliance on prison as a sentence and the chronic underfunding of our criminal justice system should now be given a more holistic airing, then as to a worthwhile, transparent and independent inquiry, bring it on! I know: some aspects might initially need to be confidential. To be frank, I shall scarcely be holding my breath but it seems to me that ANY conceivable vehicle that might serve to expose a societal shortcoming is worth trying to hitch a ride on.

2. It would seem , given the material reportedly received from Mr. Khalife by the vile and dangerous Iranian regime, that the case for proscription of the Islamic Republican Guard Corps is further enhanced and indeed imperative.

3. Joshua is right to identify Robert Jenrick as -shall we say?- a hindrance to Alex Chalk’s contribution to the conference mentioned. It reminds me also that when it had been put to him during an interview that greater expedition with process over asylum seekers would be beneficial his reaction was to assert that to do so would just encourage more asylum seekers to come to the U.K.

I find this very telling since we as a nation are supposedly committed to offering sanctuary to those escaping for example injury or death from brutal regimes.

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