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Lord Mance, Sir Peter Gross, Sir Jonathan Jones, Joshua Rozenberg, K C (Hon. Causa )?

Well, they are all judges or lawyers and so what can you expect? Not my position but presumably a drum Dominic Raab would wish to (continue to ) bang.

But what of dangerous “leftie “ radicals (NOT!) like Henry Hill and Peter Foster?

OR: respected “honest brokers” like the Law Society and the Bar Council? Ah, but they represent LAWYERS.

Er …! Mr Raab is a solicitor and was a City practitioner. As far as I am aware he NEVER - Bravermanesquely- boasted of having EVER handled a human rights case let alone one on legal aid rates or for free.

His Bill as drafted were he a student would have been thrown back at him by any self respecting tutor for MUCH redrafting and for the removal in bulk of the editorialising verbiage.

Baby out with the bath water? SOME baby, some genesis for which his Conservative forbears had been largely responsible, to their undying credit whatever fault with them one might find elsewhere.

Apart from anything else, as we lawyers tend to put it, Raab’s Bill as drafted fails to deliver what it says on the tin.

If I were to be bold enough to attempt to divine Raab’s motives for his continued pursuit of HIS Bill, then where to start? A fit of pique over embarrassing Court rulings, domestically and internationally? A visceral and ill/ underinformed dislike of robust challenge from any informed source? (After all in the timeless, Govesque observation:”We have all had too much/ enough of experts”). Or from nakedly party electoral motives/ out of self preservation? And as for Sunak’s support for what so very many of us so much hope will be this failed venture, would it be far fetched at all to lay also at his door the motive of self preservation?

We can -and MUST- hope for better even if, as the U.S. lawyer, activist and poet Pauli Murray put it, “Hope is a song from a weary throat.”

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