Many thanks, Joshua, for having spotted this new insight about Mr. Raab.

I expect, given Adam Tolley KC’s remit to recite the facts he should identify rather than to “editorialise”, that the Justice Secretary and Deputy P.M. will on release of the report claim vindication in the absence of any unambiguous findings of bullying or other serious or unworthy misconduct.

I find it hard to get my head around a solicitor and member of my own profession who is so fixated on his privileges of office whilst so semi- detached at best from the stern obligations placed upon him as a consequence.

It would also seem likely, I agree, that Mr. Sunak is working, gradually, towards easing his deputy out of the door as painlessly as possible.

I am driven also to observe that the Labour Party’s approach needs increasingly to be to insist that THEY are different AND MUCH MORE honourable. Dangerous, of course, but it is a central task for them to persuade a sceptical- or even cynical- electorate of that. This I pick up on the Kings Heath (Brum) doorstep as a humble canvasser. And this in a decidedly pro-Labour and pro- constituency M.P. area.

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Johnson was pro-rogue and pro having rogue

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