Thanks for explaining Joshua. I did wonder. As a comment, that letter from the ex Home Secretary reminds me of the worst possible letter of complaint one might receive from a client - that leaves you feeling gutted and wanting to hide under a bush (I have had two or three like that in 50+ years in the law and they are not nice). Like Malcom Fowler I have just a scintilla (good judicial word) of sympathy for the Prime Minister.

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Many thanks, Joshua, for the clarity of this series of observations from you.

To put it bluntly, Suella Braverman continues to want government to drive a coach and horses through international human rights provisions. In fairness to the Prime Minister (a phrase I scarcely ever introduce) he appears to have accepted more measured legal advice which focuses -rightly in my view- on humanitarian considerations and indeed on equality of treatment before the law.

DID Mr. Sunak truly commit in writing to the Braverman line as a shabby precondition for her support leading to his coronation as P.M? If so, how wrong and unwise of him!

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