I think we discovered some time ago that arrogance, not competence, was the main qualification for high office!

I find it astonishing that Raab is still in office: bullying claims, "Bill of Rights", recent adverse High Court ruling, tardiness in appointments to name a few ...

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Any of the four would be an improvement on the grim-faced Raab. John Boyd

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"Nobody could make it any worse." Indeed: not even a return of Grayling or Truss would make it worse.

But if we were to have a return from a former LC, then Gove may not be a bad choice - especially given he has a non-job in the cabinet at the moment and can so be easily moved without disruption. He was (for many) surprisingly good during his previous stint - and he even had some interesting ideas about prison reform.

Prentis, the former government lawyer, would be a good choice. At least the role of government lawyers will not come as a mystery to her. But for that same reason, it is also good to keep her as AG. She is mopping up after Braverman; someone else competent should mop up after Raab.

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How right Joshua is: no appointee to Mr. Raab’s post should it- and it should(!)- become vacant could be otherwise than an improvement in terms of liaison and relationships with the judiciary.

The same, many would contend, might be said to apply to both branches of the legal profession and, as to the Probation Service, he might be viewed as a close second in that respect -even- to Mr. Grayling.

Come to that, hands up all those able readily or at all to identify his achievements whilst in post. I thought not.

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