Malcolm’s mention of “mischief” prompted my recollection of something I learnt in the very dim and distant past, either at A level or at Uni, about the “Golden Rules” used in Statutory interpretation.

Warner’s book will be compulsive reading, I’m certain, but I’ll keep those Golden Rules in mind throughout, in order to maintain a balanced view.

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Joshua, thanks for the review of Adam Wagner’s new book.

It reminds me that my very good friend and retired Circuit Judge John Warner had originally had the name Wagner, altered by his forbears in order to conceal their Jewish roots at a time of naked anti- semitism.

I have long admired Adam Wagner , I shall listen to the review of his book (many thanks for that head up) and hasten to buy it.

I follow him on all the headings of the mischief of measures introduced by a controllist state, of which the last handful have been prime and shabby examples.

We are manipulated into fear of vaguely identified menaces into abandoning our basic inalienable rights so as to cling to nurse.

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