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Braverman celebrates taking back control

Scrapping the Fixed-term Parliaments Act

TikTok sued for misuse of private information

European Union (Future Relationship) Bill

A Lawyer Writes — and reads

Self-driving cars: are they lawful?

UK leaves one bureaucracy for another

What the UK-EU deal means for the law

Sir Terence Etherton: farewell remarks

Leading silk joins government

Peerage for top judge

Sharpston appeals to EU court

An unusual submission

Raab backs claim against Sacoolas

Reviewing human rights law

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The EU project: successes and failures

Misconduct in public office

Judges may tell MPs how far they can go

New sentences for old

Crime incorporated

Why judges should decide cases on the evidence

Belief by juries in rape myths is a myth

Judge rejects improper interference by MPs

An evening with the Secret Barrister

Buckland to announce human rights review

Hearings must be fair, despite Covid

Victors' justice?

Who's running the country?

Give us the cash, says top judge

Dissing the rule of law

Enemies of the People?

Will the next attorney general come from the bar?

What's on this week

A law that makes no difference

Sacoolas case leads to unseemly spat

The 'monster' side of Johnny Depp's personality

No family judges available for months?

Who's in; who's out; what's on

There is no entitlement to govern unlawfully

Law in Lockdown

Well done, Robert Buckland!

Has Buckland broken his duty to respect the rule of law?

Peers to vote on motion of regret

Rule of law or rule of lords?

A government that disregards the rule of law cannot easily restore it

Does the government understand its own legislation?

Buckland: we are not ousting judicial review

Courts can review internal market bill

Lord Janner was framed, his family say

Threats to the rule of law

CBE for leading QC

Why justice depends on data

Bullying, sexual harassment, incompetence and inappropriate inducements

Will the UK leave the European convention?

Lefty lawyers?

Activist judges?

Respecting the rule of law

What made Lord Keen resign?

Trial by jury: a sacred cow?

A fig-leaf for taking on the judges?

Mixed Millers from the attorney general

Prosecutors get the law wrong

MPs are given a say in legislation

Judge explains why she refused to stand down

Ousting the courts won’t work

Keen hangs on

Not so tough after all

British QC questions sacking by EU court

British lawyer kicked off EU court

EU court rules against British QC

Holocaust memorial challenge opens

Top UK government lawyer quits

How laws are made

Faulks panel issues call for evidence

Assange: arguments of the requesting state

Assange: the defence arguments

Reasons to be cheerful?

Custody time limits to be extended

QC challenges attempt to throw her off EU court

New challenge to travel restrictions

Protecting official information

EU lawyer sues the EU

A clean slate after five years

Enemies of the People?

Don't raise the hopes of the bereaved

Justice ministry gets a court of its own

When things go wrong...

Arrant nonsense dressed up as reasoned legal argument

Let's scrap the right to jury trial

Why wasn't Abedi in the dock?

Another exam fiasco

Ofqual facing legal action over A-level grades

Should rape suspects be named before charge?

Enemies of the People?

Trial by movie

Let’s abolish the UK Supreme Court!

Reviewing judicial review

Five Ideas to Fight For

Challenging lockdown laws