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Making laws that work

Could the Home Office be sued for libel?

Scottish gender recognition: who decides?

Out of the blue

New silks today

Will Boris Johnson get a fair hearing?

When will Rwanda flights take off?

Raab acted unlawfully, judge rules

Rwanda judgments today

Senior judge to investigate SAS killings

Raab suggests leaving ECHR

Russia must pay the price

Raab to defend his bill

Opening up the Parole Board

What the Sacoolas case taught us

Sacoolas sentencing today

Grieve for the rule of law

Sacoolas will not attend court

Strasbourg scorecard

Home secretary undermines conventions

Call me ‘Judge’

Rights bill to be served up ‘shortly’

Secret justice needs more cash

BSB under fire again

The same footing?

Death no bar to Mastercard claim

Voter ID: trouble ahead?

Owen Paterson: ‘I had no choice’

Another unpredictable week ahead

Burnett to stand down

Bar leader says complaints handling was ‘inexcusable’

King Charles visits Gray’s Inn

Why Scotland can’t vote on independence

Indyref2 ruling today

Bar regulator apologises to leading lawyer

MPs to grill Raab

Braverman’s costly briefing

Spano uncut

An uncommon lawyer

Prosperity depends on rule of law

Former judges attack Raab’s bill

Formal complaints against Raab

Vardy v Rooney

Zander at 90

Human rights judge discusses UK reforms

Closed hearing case in open court today

Raab’s bill won’t work

Action on judicial bullying

Constitutional reform can’t wait

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Bill of Rights Bill bounces back?

Did Khan sack Dick?

Avoiding a constitutional catastrophe

Raab swears to support courts

No ruff time for Raab

‘I’d really like it taken down and rewritten’

Mance eviscerates Raab’s bill

Braverman under pressure

What’s the point of Dominic Raab?

Open justice at the Court of Protection?

Bills facing the new PM

Revenge of the constitution

New bill could threaten free speech

Top jobs for top lawyers

Liz Truss: my part in her downfall

Treason doth never prosper

The law of unintended consequences

Fantastic case for reining in judges

The limits of international law

Indyref2: yes or no?

Emergency state

Lewis defends judicial independence

Barristers to vote on suspending strike

Anne Sacoolas in court?

UK wins deportation case

My life in the law

NI legacy bill raises serious concern

Why are judges so reluctant to overturn juries?

A constructive meeting

Avoid litigation like the plague

McCanns lose human rights case

Breach of the peace

Trevalga trustees fight back

A constitutional crossroads

HM courts move on

Judges wrestle with child’s life

Her late Majesty

New solicitor general

Bill killed

Ellis becomes AG

Lewis gets justice

Can Lewis do justice?

What constitutes contempt?

Legal jobs for Lewis and Frazer?

Will Boris have a fair hearing?

Pannick’s advice ‘devastating’ for MPs

Tortoise challenges Tory race

Rwanda hearing next week

Tony Hudgell’s father to stay in prison

Triggering article 16

When does an electronic court close?

My time on the picket line

All-out bar strike next month

Saudi spyware claim goes ahead

A very curious case

New Supremes named

Buckland bouncing back?

Leading lawyer to receive rare honour

A long history of virginity testing

Tony Hudgell’s birth mother to stay in prison

No cuts in tribunal sittings, says MoJ

Suspending judges

Unforced errors by Archie’s lawyers

Criminal appeals to be reviewed

Lawyers seek to clip attorney’s wings

Archie’s life support may end today

Last-minute hearing in Archie case

When life means life

Cameras in court today

Playing fast and loose

Cameras in court, at last

Archie’s parents lose appeal

What about human rights?

Harry takes on Home Office

Farewell to a lord chancellor

Ministers thwarted over memorial

Selling court data

SLAPPs may be slapped down

Celebrating weddings

Wedding plans

Kill bill?

Judges in despair at strikes

Rwanda flights on hold

Rwanda hearing adjourned

One judiciary

Another day in the law

Braverman for PM?

Chalk rubbed out

Sydney was my hero

Lord chancellor must ‘rein in’ colleagues

‘A cure in search of a problem’

UK court to decide UK future

Patel briefs Pannick

Criminal bar on strike

Let them eat cake

Bill of rights?

Top judges get clinical education

Six months if you defy MPs

New injunction against Russia

Conspiracy or cock-up?

Grave and imminent peril

UK says it is not breaking law

The last lord chancellor

New justice minister has lot to learn

Bellamy gets justice

Howe to do justice?

Prosecuting Russians

Russia needs lawyers

What are courts for?

Justice for ‘victims’?

Boris: what next?

Beloff, by himself

Sir Ivan clocks up 60 years

Troll farms to be cut down

Braverman overlooks precedent

Stopping cyber attacks

Rozenberg returns

Justice delayed, justice denied

Lawyers face sanctions

EU or NI: which takes priority?

UK can override NI protocol, AG says

A bill of rhetoric

The Queen’s Speech

Parole: who should decide?

Should life mean life?

Abortion: what Alito said

US court to permit abortion bans

Magistrates’ powers doubled

A European criminal court?

JR concession

Court delays cause injustice

Held in contempt

Promoting legal well-being

Grenfell video: grossly offensive

Find case law

Why Wolfson’s resignation matters

A defence to criminal damage?

Reforming the constitution

Secret Barrister spells it out

Wrong place, right ruling

The cost of sanctions

The unconstitutional committee

Top judge: I decided to leave HK

Whatever happened to Tini Owens?

The art of judgment writing

Can Raab block parole?

How many holes to fill the Albert Hall?

Raab’s reforms under attack

Stacey, Terrence and Denise

Braverman: I too can help Ukraine

When justice miscarries

Never say ‘custody’

Raab pledges intelligence support

What is Raab thinking of?

Where does this war leave the UN?

SLAPPs to be slapped down?

Legal aid gets extra £135m a year

Ministers warn Russian war criminals

Secret judge is secret no more

Russia abandons human rights

Pannick responds

Rights consultation delayed

MPs condemn court delays

Make law, not war

Remembering Anthony Lester

Prosecuting a warmonger

MI5 source ‘could kill’

Phone wars

A dangerous extremist and misogynist

When your city is invaded

Judge upholds open justice

Holocaust memorial back in court

How are Raab and Braverman coping?

Is it time for UK judges leave HK?

Nameless suspects

Who won?

What’s the use of being sentient?

John Laws Gruff?

Top judge: fund English law

Sales of justice

Bill of rights under fire

Reviewing judicial review

Inns of Court Alliance for Women

Law-making in the Falklands

Andrew: deposition date

Who’ll be the next Welsh justice?

Regulator acted irregularly

Is jury trial at risk?

Gatherings ‘difficult to justify’

Open government at risk

Andrew’s defence

Human Rights Act ain’t broke

Police to investigate parties

Julian Assange: what next?

Free press crushed by lawfare

Bringing abuse into the open

Why Ben John is going to prison

New sentencing powers may overwhelm prisons

Prince Harry may sue HM Government

Sacoolas: discussions continue

New guidance for mercy killings

No comfort for the duke

New supremes for old

Not a piece of cake

Lords a-leaving

Strasbourg slices le gâteau gay

Did Andrew win today?

Is Andrew covered by Giuffre deal?

Is catfishing a crime?