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Secret justice may become more secret

How legal journalism works

What if the top court gets it wrong?

An Easter carrel

Enemy of the people?

A bill of rights?

Wanna join the Supremes?

Law reformers to tackle rape myths

Might Katie Price go to prison?

Justices support parliamentary sovereignty

What should a prosecutor do?

Raab to legislate on rights and juries

Careful what you wish for

ICC prosecutor to review all his cases

Victims’ voices muted

Did No 10 break the rules?

Data delayed is justice denied

Rape reforms ‘could easily go wrong’

Raab reveals rights reforms

How sentencing works

Privacy and the press

Should an inn speak out?

Tony’s law?

What are Raab’s plans?

Government by diktat?

Harper’s law

Wizard of an idea fails to ring true

The dock brief

The great Post Office scandal

Trying the judges’ patience

Sweeping misconduct away

MI6 avoids greater oversight

Brick Court century

Why Geoffrey Cox should stand firm

Rooms with a view

Prince Andrew: what next?

Yukos shareholders confident

Advocate advocates advocacy

Leading from the front

Transparent family justice

Chief justice criticises draft bill

Hale to explain constitution

Back in your box, attorney tells judges

Fit to stand trial?

Judicial review debate postponed

The week in Westminster

Reviewing judicial review

Perils of conveyancing

Keeping families out of court

Rule of law needs funding

Things can only get better

Spider woman

A British bill of rights?

A wholly blameless victim

What role should victims play?

Extradition delayed

Will killer die in prison?

Do the royals deserve more privacy?

Never keep the court waiting

Harry Dunn: no trial in sight

Should UK judges still sit in HK?

Has Andrew been failed by his lawyers?

Hail and farewell

Confessions of a radio reporter

Your proposal is whack

Dead and buried

Ill-timed attack on leading QC

It’s bad, but could be worse

Why extremist was spared prison

Sumption: I was never pushed out

What is pet abduction?

Vote early — but not often

Strasbourg has spoken

Welcome back!

The cruise missile that nearly killed me

Must lawyers meet higher standards?

New figures suggest better sentencing

Pink table is no more

Hale: I regret that brooch

Communicating harm

What’s the Judicial Support Network?

The Christmas tree bill

Assange in court today

EU court undermines its independence

The end of local justice

Employment tribunals catch up

Assange appeal shrouded in secrecy

Pulling the plug on void decisions

New rules for online justice

Can an autistic man visit a sex worker?

Automating more criminal courts

Automating the criminal courts

Fettering the courts’ discretion

Judicial review bill out today

A pragmatist with high ideals

Why judges must speak for themselves

Dyson on Bashir

Should MPs lock you up for saying nothing?

What’s a statute of limitations?

Witness statements on video

Pitchfork parole challenge refused

Non-gendered passports...

New guidance for coroners

If it ain’t broke...

Don’t attack rule of law, says top judge

Courts close for climate conference

Spying without a licence

Justice is best done at home

Whither the constitution?

What not to say online

Lawyers attack closed hearings

Were pharmacist’s remarks antisemitic?

Witness compensated for “unfair” judge

Snub for UK’s former EU judges

Bill risks breaching human rights

Flexing the constitution

New home for judgments

Barristers cancel their name

A drink at the bar

Appeal judges refuse extradition

Remote juries in England and Wales?

Memoirs of a lord chancellor

Emergency powers are temporary

Can brain damage cause crime?

Graduate students take down the Queen

Have patents changed since 1474?

A contest between victims and criminals?

Don’t tinker with human rights, say spooks

The right to protest

Boris can no longer pick bishops

LCJ: don’t stop funding the courts

Lord Burnett speaks

Hale receives Israeli PhD

The Brenda agenda

Constitutional plumbing?

Will you need ID to vote?

Is the constitution out of balance?

Which court could block a referendum?

Serious Fraud Office in the dock

Too much information?

Another flawed consultation

Former barrister faces prison

Barclay must pay wife £100m

Keep politics out of the courts

Licence to spy

Review of review may be reviewed

Don’t punish lawyers for giving advice

Autistic man may visit sex worker

Don’t mess with the judges

Can you believe sex is immutable?

Why FPNs must be reviewed

Disclosure failures by Post Office undermine private prosecution system

Still getting away with murder

Covid and the criminal law

Lies, damned lies and...

Legislating for injustice

How competent is Scotland’s parliament?

Shamima Begum and human rights

Jury reforms are far from remote

The fellow takes doon ma very words

Constitutional gaslighting

A collation of citations?

Tidying away the death penalty

Children suffer too

Cart may be overturned

Closing churches breached human rights

Lord chancellor to review his own post

Should we reform the Human Rights Act?

Should EU court let bosses ban hijabs?

Faulks defends judicial review

A court built on Sands

Top judge rebuffs attack on top court

Sinn Féin warning on human rights

Whose decision is it anyway?

Whoever heard of a quiet protest?

More than a nuisance

Sir Jeremiah Harman

New powers to restrict assemblies

New bill out later today

Why Anne Sacoolas won’t return

Judges can stay on

Have you come far?

Deaf people to serve on juries

Law in Action returns

What academics can’t say

Judges fed up

The Braverperson bill

Don’t believe your eyes

Delays in the courts

Human rights don’t hinder ministers

Sedley weighs in on human rights

Trafficked youths awarded damages

Clipping the judges’ wings

Should politicians help choose judges?

New prosecutor for the ICC

Next steps for the duchess

‘Publish and be damned’ no more

Is it forgery or fraud?

10 years for lying?

Will Israelis face trial in The Hague?

Dinah Rose and the cab-rank rule

Braverman gets paid leave

BBC fined for televising court

Sussexes in court

Putin claims he doesn’t owe $50bn

Judicial review report delivered

Former judge off to the Lords

Inspiring minds

Leading barrister refuses to be intimidated

Government rejects wartime juries

Reforming the UK’s appeal courts

What does domestic abuse look like?

Cameras in court

Extradition: a level playing field?

Duchess seeks summary judgment

Lord Sumption tells stage 4 bowel cancer sufferer that her life is less valuable than others

Triggering a drone strike — and Brexit

What do we think of human rights?

Tips for the top

What’s going on in the UK Supreme Court?

Hospital allowed to let child die

Assange: what happens next?

Assange wins

Two legal correspondents retire