Sitemap - 2023 - A Lawyer Writes

Quis custodiet?

Another Rwandan civil war

A triumph of hope over experience

What have we agreed with Rwanda?

Harry seeks protection

No new terror laws needed?

Judge erred in blocking reporter

Where power lies

Law reformers at risk

Can dead postmasters be cleared?

Companies in the dock

Chalk announces limited IPP reform

Independent public advocates

Rogues and vagabonds

A forgotten service

Letby inquiry: details today

Exporting prisoners to cost £200m

Leading commercial law

Dragging offenders into court

No more magical thinking?

Juries out on RASSO trials?

Will Rishi’s law work?

What’s a notwithstanding clause?

Strasbourg tightens the rules

Braverman in the firing line

Trump wants his trial televised

How could they have known?

Igor Judge

Armed conflict and the law

More murderers to die in prison

When is criminal damage lawful?

How to slap SLAPPs

Top lawyer quits over secret courts

Top cop at fraud shop

Hamas supporters lose rights claim

‘Press judges’ to explain sentences?

The law of armed conflict

A Day to remember

Memoirs of a law reformer

Safety ahead

Doctors criticised for special pleading

More war crimes trials in London?

Knowing what your children are taught

Simler joins the Supremes

Disabled children’s social care

Prisoners face the Rwanda option

Opening the books

BBC lacks impartiality, lawyers say

Police must stop terror supporters

UK special forces accused of cover-up

Rwanda appeal opens today

Why judicial independence matters

Using the law to hide the truth?

New guidance for mercy killings

SAS book blocked

Prisoners may be exported

A judge named Sue

Carr arrives today

Senior judge disciplined for bullying

Should judges make law?

Who’d be a prison officer?

More contempt

New title for chief justice

What’s contempt of court?

Last chance for Assange?

How far should a lawyer go?

Legacy act under attack

Magistrate disciplined for disability complaint

Justices named for Rwanda appeal

Leaving the ECHR is not the answer

CPS goes back to the future

Will Rwanda flights be blocked again?

More courts on camera

Khalife in court today

How to secure the rule of law

Arbitration works well

Thirlwall ideal choice for Letby

Mahmood gets justice

UK expected to defend NI immunity law

Farewell and hail

Will killers really face justice?

Review all IPP sentences, says UN expert

Law in Action: au revoir

Would leaving the ECHR stop the boats?

More whole life orders?

Lawyers clash on Nagorno-Karabakh

SAS officers may face public questions

Chalk must obey Parole Board rulings

We can’t force Letby to attend court

Letby: what next?

Intimidating a jury

Heathrow gun carrier freed

Judge Judy joins judiciary

Law in Action: the early years

Courts to sit as normal

Don’t call us ‘lefty’

Tory split on human rights

Clampdown on ‘crooked lawyers’

Unlimited fines for solicitors?

Compensation deduction scrapped

Courts on camera

The indictment of Donald Trump

Law in Action: how it all began

New chief justice is no pushover

An outgoing chief justice?

Reforming criminal appeals

Tortoise beaten after Tory race

It takes two to tango

I am cancelled

Fighters for justice

Post Office on the back foot

Chalk considering limited IPP reform

Chief justice treads careful path

Student claim paused for talks

Prison warning for Post Office bosses

Sad, shocking — but not tragic

What you may have missed

Steady progress on rape

Policing the police

Post Office gets it wrong again

Top cop to run fraud shop

Will Afghan inquiry be public at all?

Future of the bar

Court reform: the verdict

Boris: let Hallett decide

Rwanda: what next?

New chair for Law Commission

Supremely impartial?

Life after the bench

Bill of Rights Bill scrapped

Putin on trial for aggression?

Following up inquiries

Holding ministers to account

What is an ethical vegan?

The judicial afterlife

Victims or failures?

Don’t be distracted, Burnett tells Chalk

Who’s to decide?

Carr to be chief

How laws are made

Chief justice can choose her title

Striking-off draws near

It was 20 years ago today

Do lawyers support the rule of law?

Parole reforms criticised

Court stops ‘SLAPP’

What do you call Prince Harry?

AI and the law

No kompetenz-kompetenz?

Man cleared after 12 years in prison

How to run an investigation

Covid inquiry showdown

Hallett talks tough on Boris

Give up prisons, top judge tells minister

Who’ll be the chief?

Reforming rape trials

Holocaust memorial setback

Unlawful killings

Open justice

Interim measures under review

Encouraging self-harm to be a crime

Times apologises to Dinah Rose

A matter of honour

Pannick on the laws of London

Supporting the courts

Home Office delays media safeguards

Minister gets REUL

Raab’s reforms wrong, says ex-PM

Police regret anti-monarchy arrests

Post Office apologises for false statement

What is Chalk made of?

Judicial independence

Defending the judges

Why is Gerry Adams owed compensation?

Ministers have rights too

Harry and the secret deal

Whistle-blowers wanted

Fraudsters beware

Interim measures

Compensating Post Office victims

What Raab did wrong

Raab’s redundant reforms

Last Scrapings

Who will replace Raab?

Dock brief revisited

Memorialists against the memorial

Ousting the courts’ jurisdiction

Join me on Notes

Hong Kong tries to ban British KC

Strasbourg to rule on Rwanda migrant

Stories you may have missed

Raab acted unlawfully, court confirms

Sharing assets when couples separate

Coming to court

Last rites for the Bill of Rights

New surrogacy law proposed

Raab’s bill attacked again

New setback for Holocaust memorial

Why I am to be struck off

Hale’s view of Raab’s bill

A man who is his own lawyer...

DPP to step down in the autumn

ICC supporters meet in London

Mostyn to retire early

Fraud and murder

Criminal justice in crisis?

Raab interfered with justice process

Rwanda appeal next month

Reporting the law

Shutting down parliament

Still talking tough on migrants

An illegal bill?

Why Grey got three years

SLAPPing back

When justice miscarries

Judges’ pensions preserved

The lockdown files

Stormont brake

Leyen’s tea

Forget Gretna Green

Judicial independence

Is Raab winding the lawyers up?

Criminals not tagged because of data failures

Justice Lab will find the facts

Rape convictions increase to 75 per cent

A roadmap for driverless cars

A tribunal to try aggression?

Judges’ pensions at risk

Who wants to be a barrister — or defendant?

Law for change

Gibraltar: corruption inquiry becoming surreal

The product of fear, not hope

Open justice in the Court of Protection

Trust the judges

PM supports rule of law

People who live in glass houses...

Will UK leave ECHR?

Leading KC sues The Times

REUL by ministers

Just call me chief justice

MI5 and Home Office acted unlawfully

Judge praised for protecting autonomy

Complacency bordering on cynicism

Peers want law firms to face £250m SLAPPs

Human rights law works well, judge tells Raab

Students sue university for missed tuition

Time to kill the bill

Probation failings: who’s to blame?

Do we believe in fairy tales any more?

Guardians of the constitution

Graham Boal 1943-2022

Why Jack blocked bill

Tricked into having sex

Risk-averse courts denying bail

Rwanda ruling can be appealed

Former prosecutor demands urgent PPE inquiry

The PM I didn’t interview

Barristers’ regulator under fire

How the work bill will work

Why egg charge can’t be heard in Luton

Art of the possible

Exercising the prerogative

Review of civil legal aid announced

How newspapers work

Tugendhat’s treason try trounced

Time to rethink the Serious Fraud Office?

Beijing stops short of blocking British KC